My First Sale

HG Television Network has created a fascinating new television series. The series, entitled “My First Sale,” tracks the trials and tribulations a home owner faces in selling a first home. The show is an educational resource for any person who wants to sell a home in a tough economy. It teaches people how to deal with difficult buyers and snobby real estate agents.

My First Sale reveals how financially burdensome the home sale process is for a home owner. For example, the first episode shows the great lengths a couple has to go through to hire a real estate agent. Sometimes, home owners need to make improvements on their home before a buyer will purchase the house. One of the major trials home owners go through is doing maintenance repairs that are very expensive and deduct from a home owner’s savings account.

Part of the drama in watching My First Sale is seeing couples deal with the pressure of selling a home at a particular price. Homes must be sold at a particular price, in order for couples to afford their next phase of life. Some couples deal with the pressure of having to pay for a home they recently have purchased, even though an older home has not yet been sold.

Another part of the drama in viewing this program is seeing the ridiculous low-ball offers that potential buyers give. These offers are so low that they insult the home owners. Home owners can quickly become disillusioned in selling their home, as they realize the tough condition of the present real estate market. As a buyer’s market, many buyers are taking advantage of sellers in tough financial circumstances. The reality of the marketplace can sometimes be disheartening and tragic to view, as My First Sale so clearly displays with young home owners and couples.

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